The Perfume for the Occasion 2

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Choose Your fragrances.
If you know what goals you want to achieve, take our advice. Remember that in the same way you can also help your customers to choose what suits them.




Sophisticated compositions spreading the charm of elegance and perfection.
Harmonious bouquet of scents will dazzle
even the most demanding and successful
Classic Collection: FM 34, FM 122, FM 252, FM 257, FM 266
Luxury Collection: FM 296, FM 311, FM 313


Fascinating refreshing fragrances
captivate with their freshness
and lightness. It's a perfect choice
for incurable optimists who are
bursting with energy.
Classic Collection: FM 06, FM 33, FM 267
Luxury Collection:  FM 292, FM 298


Fragrances for men who want to spread an aura of mystery around them. They like to surprise and be surprised. It's a perfect addition for evening dress.
Classic Collection: FM 09, FM 101, FM 180, FM 253, FM 258
Luxury Collection: FM 284, FM 287, FM 303


Sensual hot fragrances that take you to a world of unforgettable experiences. They seduce with a determination and richness of fragrance notes. It's the quintessence of femininity.
Classic Collection: FM 05, FM 12, FM 177, FM 250, FM 268
Luxury Collection: FM 149, FM 295, FM 312


Pleasant aromas captivate with
perfectly chosen fragrance notes.
Ideal for the day, for work or for
business meetings. Thanks to these
you will make a good impression on
Classic Collection: FM 54, FM 68,
FM 207, FM 221
Luxury Collection: FM 151, FM 158,
FM 302


Sophisticated compositions are
well suited in situations where you need
to show your stature.Well-balanced,
elegant and timeless. For the real gentleman.
Classic Collection: FM 57, FM 64, FM 190,
FM 208, FM 223
Luxury Collection: FM 152, FM 195, FM 199


Fresh fragrances that surprise with their
lightness to bring a delicate refreshment.
Perfect for everyday use.
Classic Collection: FM 93, FM 133, FM 134, FM 135, FM 206
Luxury Collection: FM 160, FM 169, FM 197


Unique and a little extravagant fragrances
guarantee the perfect mood for celebration.
Get carried away by your imagination!
Classic Collection: FM 110, FM 140, FM 205, FM 210, FM 224
Luxury Collection: FM 155, FM 156


A great dose of energy and indescribable
freshness. Invigorating fragrance notes will
stimulate you to take on new challenges.
Classic Collection: M 43, FM 94, FM 219, FM 222,
FM 225
Luxury Collection: FM 300


A series for men who know what they want and
boldly go for it. Seductive compositions will
emphasise the confidence and desire for new
experiences. They provoke intense emotion
and admiration from women.
Classic Collection: FM 52, FM 60, FM 83, FM 188, FM 209
Luxury Collection: FM 159, FM 299


Surprising combinations. Unusual experiences.
The scents from this series are suitable for
individualists who speak their mind
and value originality.
Classic Collection: FM 56, FM 66, FM 120, FM 189, FM 220, FM 226
Luxury Collection: FM 198, FM 301

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