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  1. While the reasons for starting a business vary from person to person, one of the primary motivations of entrepreneurs is to escape the uncertainty that comes from working for someone else. Start-up business owners often cite the desire for independence and comfort in what they are doing for taking that great leap forward.

    However, for many aspiring business owners, there are things holding them back. Perhaps the most significant is the fear of the unknown, with the lack of practical resources like capital and skills presenting additional challenges. Starting a business takes major investments of time and money, and there is no sure pay-off waiting at the end.

    It is important to realize that most new business owners face these hurdles, and many manage to overcome them. How do they do it? It all comes down to determination and commitment, paired with the right infrastructure in place to help encourage success.

    Build a business structure

    Many people who have successfully launched their own businesses started from learning the basics of acquiring and retaining customers from someone else. They may have read about it, talked to fellow business owners or just figured things out as they went along. The bottom line is that they learned by experience, something we call learning "in action."

    One of the best ways to grow the skills needed is to start working with an infrastructure that has proven success in similar applications. This gives an opportunity to grow the business, while using a model that has been proven. By focusing less on operational issues, an entrepreneur can concentrate the energy on taking a product to consumers, marketing the company and retaining clients.

    Choose a mentor

    A great way to start is to work with a company that uses a network marketing model to sell their products. This model, embraced by FM Cosmetics, is one of the oldest business structures in modern commerce, and is used by some of the world's largest companies.

    Network marketing involves the use of a mobile sales force to market and distribute products, as well as to recruit additional distributors. The great thing for entrepreneurs is that it allows them to receive commissions not only from the items they sell, but from the sales of the distributors they have recruited. This gives the company larger profits and greater brand recognition, while providing salespeople a great deal of flexibility in how they find success.

    New entrepreneurs should be careful of which company they join. They may feel tempted to go with the most well-known company, but keep in mind that there is an elevated level of competition between distributors within these networks. As an alternative, it is often better to work with a company that is fairly new, even though it has been validated in the marketplace. Joining this type of organization gives the ability to more quickly establish and grow your customer base.

    Working with FM Cosmetics

    FM Cosmetics is an international network that has built a reputation as an honest, reliable organization, accredited by the Better Business Bureau. FM Cosmetics is committed to provide its consultants with a tools and resources that will not only increase their selling effectiveness but also will teach them skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.

    Since its launch in Europe in 2004, FM Cosmetics has enjoyed global success as one of the world's fastest growing fragrance merchants, with representatives in nearly 30 countries. The company is known for its quality, diverse selection, impeccable service and affordable value.

    FM Cosmetics is different from other network marketing companies in that it gives distributors complete control over their inventory and sales volume. Rather than using an "autoship" method, FM Cosmetics allows its salespeople to place their own orders online for whatever amounts of merchandise they feel comfortable with.

    An article by FM USA from August 2011