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  1. Opalising loose eyshadows attract attention and add to the brightness of your look. They are in the form of light, shiny mote in fantasy colours. FM GROUP Make Up Loose Eyeshadows with colourful pigments are exactly like that. They are perfect for the evening make up, and for special occasions. They are ideal for the carnival!

    Fantasy FM GROUP Make Up Loose Eyeshadows are in six opalising colours: intense and brave or rather universal, suitable for combining with other sets of eyeshadows. It all depends on your imagination! Light colours will perfectly brighten up the inside or the corners of the eye, or the spot underneath your brows. For a carnival crazy night out you can add a bit of this shiny mote to your body lotion and apply a little bit on your arms or neckline.

    Application of this brilliant make up should be preceded by applying some powder to your eyelids. Then your make up will last longer, throughout the whole night at the party. You apply the loose eyeshadows with the applicator included. Loose eyeshadows look elegant when they are combined with matt or satin eyeshadows. To achieve a better colour gradation you can smear them with your finger. The particles which fall on your cheeks in the course of application, can be easily removed with a powder brush.

    You can use pearly eyeshadows also during the day, especially in the summer, applying them to the whole moving part of the eyelid. A light pearly shade will also work perfectly if you have close-set eyes – then the eyeshadows will optically open them.

    The colours of FM GROUP Make Up Loose Eyeshadows are succulent green (Aquatic Green), rose (Ruby Pink), intense pomegranate (Purple Frost), valuable gold (Vintage Gold), delicate pink with sea-green shine (Magic Rose) and pearl (Pearly Dew). You can buy them only from FM GROUP Distributors.